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The Stan Scarr Scholarship application process is now open!

The annual scholarship program was established in November 2006 in recognition of the extraordinary level of commitment and dedication of Stanley R. Scarr, who retired from the Board of Directors of the Winnipeg Police Credit Union after having served 43 years and 9 months as a director, including 29 years as President.

The scholarship program is available to ALL WPCU members, including the direct family members of WPCU directors, management and staff, who meet the qualifications. A scholarship of $500 will be awarded to the two top applicants who are pursuing a degree or certification at a university or college in Canada. Awards are based on the courses taken and the academic achievement of the applicants as outlined in the scholarship qualifications.

To view the complete qualifications please click here.

To view the application please click here.

We highly encourage all qualified applicants to submit their completed application and transcript to:

Maria Jamora
Member Communications & Administration Officer
300 William Avenue
Winnipeg, MB    R3A 1P9

The application deadline is June 30, 2024.

Collabria Phishing Site

WPCU has been informed recently that there is a suspicious website that is designed to capture Collabria cardholders details. The website identified is as follows:

This website closely resembles Collabria Financial official website.

We would like to advise our members to be extra vigilant and to reference the important steps noted below:

  1. Ensure you exercise caution when providing your Collabria credit card details online.
  2. Ensure you regularly review your credit card statements for any suspicious activity and promptly report any unauthorized transactions to Collabria.
  3. Only access the official Collabria websites and applications when managing your credit card accounts or submitting a card application and avoid clicking on links from unknown sources. The following are the only official Collabria websites and applications:


WPCU is providing a new service to our members.
Members can now drop their personal shredding items at either of our locations.

*Members that want to drop off shredding papers must ensure there are no paperclips, staples and no bindings or heavier bound books."

*WPCU limits each member to one banker size box (15 3/4 x 12 3/8 x 8 x 10) of paper for shredding annually* 

*WPCU will not be responsible for sorting papers that are dropped off for shredding*

Cardwise Collabria Credit Card

A new way to manage your Winnipeg Police Credit Union credit card is here. Be one of the first to experience the security and ease of CardWise Online and Mobile! Use the mobile app or online platform to view your balance, customize transaction alerts and controls, block merchants, and more – all in one place.

Visit or download the CardWise app from your phone's app store today to start managing your credit card digitally.

Ready to learn more or need help getting started?

Visit Winnipeg Police Credit Union for more information and helpful how-tos.