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WPCU Low Rate Payoff Loan vs. Credit Card Debt

Life happens and debt can creep up fast.

When unforeseen expenses pop up or everyday spending on a credit card gets out of hand, interest can really start to add up. Choosing the right credit card can be a great way to maximize cashback or travel rewards by using it for your day-to-day spending.

Often times, consumers are unaware of the interest rate they are paying on their credit cards and how the interest can add up over time. When the debt load becomes overwhelming, it may be time to consider a WPCU low rate pay off loan to help you pay down the debt and save interest along the way. Who doesn’t want more money in their pocket?!  

To help you visualize, let’s break down a couple of scenarios and calculate the interest cost for a credit card:

Credit Card – A revolving balance based on amount owing, monthly payments, and monthly interest and other applicable monthly fees (cash advances, foreign exchange transactions, etc.). Interest is based on the balance and applied monthly. Minimum payments can vary and if only the minimum is paid it can take years to pay off (we’re talking 30 years – longer than that of a mortgage). Points earned can be converted to cash or travel rewards. A win-win for the disciplined borrower.

$25,000 at 19.99%, $670 per month, repaid over 5 years = $14,754 in interest. (approximate) OUCH!

$25,000 at 19.99%, minimum payment only, it would take 30 years and cost $30,955 in interest (approximate)

After seeing those staggering numbers, I’m guessing you’re telling yourself that it’s time to get in contact with one of our knowledgeable Financial Advisors to see how we can help potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest today!

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  • Variable and fixed rate options
  • Competitive interest rates with flexible repayment terms
  • Optional loan life insurance available to qualifying borrowers
  • Optional disability insurance available to qualifying borrowers
  • FREE automatic transfers for your payments
  • All consumer loans open to prepayment at any time without penalty
  • Loan activity recorded on monthly account statement
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