Banking By Telephone

dial 204-957-1295

*No service charges

Pay your bills by phone with expressline…

expressline includes a convenient computerized bill payment service that lets you pay your bills when you want to, anytime of day, any day of the week, from wherever you are.  You can add or delete payees for bill payments on your own in the convenience of your home.  You can also make a one-time postdated payment. All you need is a touch-tone telephone, a credit union chequing or savings account, and an express line Access Code, available by calling us at 204.944.1033, or by visiting us in person at the Credit Union.

Using expressline is easy…

expressline simplifies the whole process. Once you've entered your personal access code, you simply select the bill payment option, the account you wish to make your payment from and the amount you wish to pay. It's that simple!

Bill payments called in today are processed same day, and usually are posted by your payee within one to three business days. express line suits your busy lifestyle by taking advantage of technological changes in the financial world. NO CHEQUES TO WRITE! NO ENVELOPES TO ADDRESS AND MAIL! NO POSTAGE TO BUY! NO WAITING IN LINEUPS!


Following each payment, expressline will confirm in a clear voice the amount and bill you instructed to pay. You can then make changes or corrections if necessary. Pay as many or as few bill as you wish.


Your credit union member statement will itemize in detail all bill payments made during the month.
Pay most bills with expressline, for example:

  • Major Credit cards
  • Local gas, electric, telephone, hydro and cable TV utilities
  • Major department stores
  • Revenue Canada income tax
  • Personal Property Taxes

Ready to pay bills?

To pay your bills by telephone, dial 204-957-1295 or toll free 1-866-491-7124 and proceed!

Here is a quick look at the touch-tone menu:

expressline command menu

Please call 204.957.1295 or toll free 1.866.491.7124

Personal Banking Press 1
Manitoba C.U. ATM transactions: Press 2
Direct payment transactions: Press 0

Personal Banking Menu

Account Inquiries Press 1
Transactions & Bill Payments Press 2
General Information Press 3
Calculations Press 4
Change Security Code Press 5
Leave a Message Press 6
Another Account # Press 7
Return to Main Menu Press *


  • It is recommended that you memorize your personal access code.